How can I sign up to jood Orange app?

Download jood Orange app from App Store, Play Store or Huawei AppGallery, and sign up using your email, Gmail, Facebook, Apple ID or using an Orange mobile number.

As a new customer, how can I subscribe to jood lines?

To subscribe, you need to complete the below steps via the app:

  •  Sign up to the app
  •  Choose your line and number 
  •  Verify your identity
  •  Schedule your delivery
  •  Pay and submit your order

Then, activate your line and enjoy!

As an Orange customer, can I switch to jood offers?

Sure, after signing up and choosing your offer, at the choose number step, proceed with the option "keep your Orange number" and follow the steps.

What are jood lines?

jood lines are prepaid lines that offer many great and generous features!

How can I choose a new number?

You can choose a number from a predefined selection of numbers or search for a specific number.

What if I can't find the number I'm searching for?

You can choose one from our predefined selection of numbers.

For how long can I keep my chosen number before submitting the order?

You can keep it for up to 48 hours before submitting the order, make sure to complete your order before that to avoid losing the number.

What are the required documents to get a line via jood Orange app?

You have to be 18+ years old with a valid civil smart ID card (only) if you are Jordanian, or a passport if you are non-Jordanian.

How can I verify my identity through the app?

By completing the below steps:

  • Scan your ID card or passport
  • Take a selfie 
  • Confirm that all your provided information is correct.
Why might the scanning process fail?

The scanning process might fail for different reasons, but to ensure a successful scanning attempt, make sure that:

  • Your phone camera and internet connection are working properly.
  • You're using the correct document.                                       
  • You have good lighting.
  • You're scanning the document's correct side.
Why might taking a selfie be unsuccessful?

Taking a selfie might fail for different reasons. To ensure a successful attempt, make sure that:

  • Your phone camera and internet connection are working properly.
  • Place your face inside the frame at an adequate distance from the camera.
  • Close your eyes for a few seconds.
  • Smile while showing your teeth.
What are the available delivery options?

There are two delivery options: 
-Standard delivery for free
-Express delivery for 3 JOD

What is the difference between standard and express delivery?

Standard delivery: Your order will reach you within up to 48 hours after order submission. Express delivery: Your order will reach you on the same day as the order submission date.

Is express delivery available across the kingdom and at all times?

Express delivery is only available from 8 AM - 9 PM in these governorates: 
Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Balqa, and Aqaba

Can I change my delivery address?

You can change your delivery address before submitting the order.

How can I track my order?

Once the order is submitted successfully, you can check its details and track its status through the app's home screen.

How can I know if my device supports eSIM?

You can check the list of devices that support eSIM via the following link:


Do I have to pay additional fees when using eSIM?

There is no additional fee for using the eSIM.

How can I activate my line?

For normal SIM: Simply, insert it into the device and start using your line.
For eSIM: Make sure to add the eSIM profile successfully from mobile settings first, then start using your line.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order from the order tracking screen in the app before it gets shipped by the delivery courier; after that, you cannot cancel your order.

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