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Step 1
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Explore our jood lines that are especially designed to fulfill your needs


jood 13 5G

jood 10

jood 8

  • Unlimited internet & minutes
  • Data carryover and always-on data
  • Anghami plus
  • Invite your friends and get rewarded

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Download jood Orange now!

it is totally Free

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How can I sign up to jood Orange app?

Download jood Orange app from App Store, Play Store or Huawei AppGallery, and sign up using your email, Gmail, Facebook, Apple ID or using an Orange mobile number.

As a new customer, how can I subscribe to jood lines?

To subscribe, you need to complete the below steps via the app:

  •  Sign up to the app
  •  Choose your line and number 
  •  Verify your identity
  •  Schedule your delivery
  •  Pay and submit your order

Then, activate your line and enjoy!

As an Orange customer, can I switch to jood offers?

Sure, after signing up and choosing your offer, at the choose number step, proceed with the option "keep your Orange number" and follow the steps.

What are jood lines?

jood lines are prepaid lines that offer many great and generous features!

How can I choose a new number?

You can choose a number from a predefined selection of numbers or search for a specific number.


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